'i don't get some things about you'

my best friend in college told me this one time. she wasn't being mean when she said it, but...
i remember it perfectly. i had shown her a picture of keri russell drinking a beer. it went along with her joke about going on david letterman. beforehand, she'd taken a couple shots of tequila or jager or something of the sort.

i liked the picture because 1) keri russell is beautiful, and a) it was a joke of sorts. she likes (or liked--this was about ten years ago) her liquor.
was the picture interesting without the story? no.
but knowing why the photo was taken made it mean something.

this is what i love and this is what i do.

i see pictures, paintings, photographs--what have you, and a story magically develops in my mind. (interestingly enough, i only recently put two and two together...)
for example, last night before i went to bed (ok, this morning ;), i posted this on my other blogspot. it doesn't quite fit there except i was able to weave something about writing in there.. the day before, i posted this about marilyn monroe. again, i made it go along with writing, well reading actually, but...it just doesn't fit there that well.

that page is more personal than my main site, but it still needs to be about writing.

so here we are. this is my blog for me.

it might be a little crazy at times and, most people (like my college friend) probably won't get it, but i'm just looking for an outlet. this is it.

we'll see what i end up posting...

but for now::


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